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This charm is handcrafted strand of blue lapis beads and a white howlite moon charm both attached to a locking key and snake chain. 

blue lapis & white howlite moon charm

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  • Also known as Lapis Lazuli, this stone is one of the oldest and most sought after stones due to its rich color and a symbol for royalty, strength, wisdom, courage, intellect, and truth. This stone activates the higher mind both spiritually and intellectually and connects to the throat chakra to encourage honest and authentic communication.  

  • Known as the calming stone, white howlite soothes the body, mind, and spirit while bringing clear vision, patience, and wisdom. This stone cleanses negative energy, aids in regulating emotions, absorbs stress, and helps us to find a sense of balance in everyday life. Use this stone to connect to your higher self and the third eye chakra. 

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