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Combining the healing power of crystals with fashion-forward design, Nestora creates one-of-a-kind jewelry that embodies the perfect balance between style and healing. We believe that healing should never be sacrificed for style, nor style for healing. Our jewelry blends these boundaries, offering you the best of both worlds. 

Based in Phoenix, Arizona, each piece of jewelry is handmade with love, intention, and attention to detail, ensuring that every piece of jewelry becomes a truly unique treasure. Vibrant gemstones and crystals are carefully selected and harmoniously integrated into our designs, creating an amulet of positive energy. 

Our jewelry is not simply meant to be admired from afar, but to be embraced, to become a part of your soul's journey. Allow Nestora jewelry to become an extension of your inner self, a reminder of the beauty and strength that resides within you.


Based in Phoenix, AZ, Nestora is led by Nicole Franco. 

Named after her grandmother, Nestora, Nicole sought to create a jewelry line that married the beauty and healing properties of crystals with contemporary and forward design, mirroring two aspects she loved about her grandmother - an independent and forward thinking mind and unwavering faith in the divine. 

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